My name is Tomás Correa Arce and I’m a freelance photographer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I specialize in music photography, live shows, festivals and all sort of musical and “not-so-musical” events. I also contribute to several different media magazines, online media websites and festivals such as NME (UK), Rolling Stone (Argentina), Lollapalooza Festival (Argentina), Ultra Music Festival (Buenos Aires), Diario La Nación, Diario Clarín, Revista UltraBrit, among others.

Some of my work has been awarded at the NME Music Photography Awards 2012 and recieved a honorable mention at the 2013 International Photography Awards

While I do specialize in live music photography, I have also done corporate,  portraiture, reportage and commercial photography for numerous clients.

I’m willing to travel for any job opportunity as I love visiting new an exciting places! Also, if you are interested in acquiring any photo you’ve seen here for personal or commercial use, please contact me here!